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Punched/bent parts

For more than 40 years we have manufactured punched and bent components in-house. We produce them on more than 50 punching and bending machines operating with punching forces of up to 60 tons.

A variety of additional equipment enables us to incorporate further procedures, such as laser welding, machining of threads and assembly, directly into our manufacturing processes. Since our punching and bending tools are constructed in a modular fashion, they allow even complicated shapes to be manufactured or modified inexpensively.

The manufacture of punched-and-formed components, especially of very small parts, represents BKM’s core competence. We manufacture highly sophisticated components with optimum precision for the vehicle manufacture, electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering, and medical sectors.
The materials we use include common unalloyed steels, high-carbon steels, all kinds of non-ferrous metals, and special alloys from thicknesses as low as 0.05 mm. If required, small parts can be measured in every dimension and sorted via optical sorting machines, even straight from the manufacturing process.

Punched components

Purely punched parts have been supplementing our product range for about 20 years. Wherever simpler shapes, higher deformation forces or multiple cavities are required, punched components are the preferred choice.
The compound tools are designed and manufactured exclusively in-house.

We make difficult punched components with material thicknesses of up to 5 mm on machines providing 450 -1250 KN tons of punch pressure and producing as many as 400 parts per minute. These products are mainly used in the automotive, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering sectors.
The raw materials are unalloyed steels (DC grade steels), stainless steels (particularly 1.4310 and 1.4301 grades) plus non-ferrous metals and specialized materials.

Construction of prototypes

For many years we have been manufacturing ever more prototypes to production-line standards. Many of our clients take the opportunity to use these high-precision components for practicality and durability testing in advance of full-scale production. This gives clients the guarantee that unwanted side effects can be eliminated well before production-line manufacture has begun. You too can utilize this capability to ensure that your series product launch goes without a hitch.

Construction of prototypes was initially a rarely used facility under the watch of a single employee. It has now grown into a department of its own with multiple craftsmen developing samples. Due to our decades of experience and the requirements of our customers for high-quality components prior to the start of production-line manufacture, we have continually expanded our capability in this area. We are now able to supply prototypes in quantities of up to 5,000 items in full-scale production-line quality.

The so-called bending platens for this are wire electrode discharge machined (EDM cut), laser cut or simply punched out using ordinary punching tools. Afterwards, bending procedures are carried out manually on presses in logical sequence in order to finally produce the desired part. Information is available on request.