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All-round opportunities and instant productivity

BKM has long carried out training for managers and mechanics. This has been the only way to keep the skills and knowledge of our long-term employees up to date.

Trainees are incorporated into a departmental team and in their first year they learn the fundamentals of their chosen career. The second year goes into greater detail, and the trainees are, to a relative degree, already working productively and on their own initiative. In the 3rd and 4th years, they are already providing technical help and services to others, thus ensuring that the transition from their training to their actual careers is as smooth as possible.

Long-term perspectives

Thanks to our training system, we have achieved excellent results. If trainees earn good exam grades they will be offered permanent employment contracts, and will then continue on to “lifelong learning”, either as an assistant, a technician or as a fully qualified professional at BKM. What is important to us is that trainees can take on productive work (rather than something simulated for learning purposes) and find their place in the practical professional world, for instance by recognizing when a punching or punching-and-bending tool is working well. For us, that is the best way to achieve long-lasting success both for our company as well as for the trainees themselves.

Detailed information on the available vocational training opportunities can be found in the accompanying PDF brochure.